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Austin, TX and Williamson County

Our services go beyond simply creating visually stunning interiors. We aim to create transformative spaces that align with our clients' archetypes, allowing them to thrive and find harmony in their environments. From selecting colors, materials, furniture, and feature walls to incorporating symbolic elements, we meticulously curate every aspect of the design to reflect our clients' personalities and lifestyles.

Kate & Tony Prohl

Our Services

We create interiors starting from the idea and turning it into your personalized interior


Design Project

Our services are designed to bring your vision to life by creating a space that aligns with your unique personality type. Whether archetype you resonate with we have the expertise to craft an interior that reflects and enhances your individuality. Explore our portfolio and see how our designs can transform your space into a true reflection of who you are.




Our services encompass a wide range of custom-built accent walls, including stunning Geo Walls, captivating wallpaper installations, and exquisite Venetian plaster finishes. We also specialize in crafting built-ins and other unique design elements, ensuring that every detail of your space reflects your individual style and exceeds your expectations.

Our Process
  • Starts Archetype Quiz to discover your personality

  • We come out for the Measurements and Scans

  • Propose you the Floor Plans options

  • We create 2D Mood boards options and shopping lists

  • We provide you with 3D renders

  • We Install

  • All done! Enjoy your new Interior!



Feedback from our clients

Why you should hire us

James H. Austin, TX

“Absolutely amazing to work with! We are working on a Lake House design and the process has been very smooth. They handle small change requests very well and strive to get you your final results!"
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What is your interior design Archetype?

This free quiz will guide you to create your unique and timeless  interior design style, based on your personality

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in U Interior Design, LLC. Please complete this form to discuss your design project.  We typically work with clients in Austin TX and Williamson County on Commercial Lobbies and Feature Walls.

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